My 61st Year

Yep, today I am the big 6-1, which means I have lived my 61st year, my year of being officially 60 years old, in 2020. It is a year we were none prepared for, yet a year of growth for me and, I trust, for many others.

It has been a year of much sorrow, of great anxiety, of profound perplexity, of unrivaled destruction, and yet a year for peeling back the layers of what is familiar and endeavoring to find what matters the most. Here are a few of the highlights for me.

I have discovered in a fresh way that what ultimately matters is living in the love of God: knowing Him through the power of the Holy Ghost, being immersed in His Word, and desiring to obey it more that ever before. I earnestly believe we are only in the shallow waters of what is approaching — as bad as it has been this year, this may look tame in the rearview mirror.

I have learned, in a deeper way than I ever thought possible to savor the contact with dear family and friends. I have enjoyed the chance to perhaps think of something to make the day of one who is my elder and take a chance to do it (while there are still people left who are my elders, lol).

I have learned to share more genuinely the sorrow of those who have lost these opportunities.

I have learned that my God is a provider; though I knew it, I have watched Him open doors in the middle of a dearth and pour out blessings on those who hold those with open hands.

I have discovered in a fresh way that just enjoying the moment, without deep preconceived expectations of what it has to be, can bring a blessing. I have also learned, in balance to that idea, that the act of making people aware of what you want or need gives them the opportunity to bless you, whereas wishing someone would just notice and offer doesn’t produce much reward.

This is not selfish, I realize; just being a human who lives in community with others who care and would love to address your concerns if they only knew them (translation: there is no value in trying to be Super Woman and handle it all on your own).

There are other things I could share, but I am aware our attention spans have been narrowed down by social media. I hope to disengage enough from that in the coming year to get my heart and spirit into the best condition possible. I have a book to finish editing and seek to have published.

My best advice for people of all ages? You are never to old to live a dream. Just pick a place to start, and see what comes to you. I know you will be surprised at where the road leads. For example, I have seen opportunities for public speaking this year that I could not have anticipated. It was on my bucket list, but only God could have opened the doors.

Above all else, I will say without question, my Jesus will do to depend on.


  1. Wanda Phillips says:

    I love you sister . You are a blessing to me and many people.


  2. Wanda Phillips says:

    I love you sister . You are a blessing to me and many people.


  3. Aww, thank you. That means so much, sister.


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