Catch your drift

Things left alone in the water drift downstream, not up -- nor do they stay in one place. Drift is similar to what happens when a woodworker cuts from the last piece of wood that had been cut, instead of cutting from the original pattern.  Naturally, this causes the dimensions of the pieces to gradually… Continue reading Catch your drift

The show-me state…of mind

No, we're not headed to Missouri this day, just borrowing their fine motto for a few minutes. You know -- in the sense of "Back up what you're saying", "Prove it", "Give me an example", and such like. These days you'd better have some back-up to what you're agreeing to, or you could end up… Continue reading The show-me state…of mind

It’s not just what you see…

Seeing is believing, right?  What you see is what you get....isn't it? In nature, this tends to be true: we're often fond of saying, "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck!"  Sometimes, though, what looks for all the world like a pile of leaves… Continue reading It’s not just what you see…

All done!

Done, complete, over, through, accomplished, FINISHED! Doesn't it feel good get done with something? A job you've worked on, something you began and couldn't even picture the end of when you started? There are a lot of things we're not particularly excited about doing to begin with, so the end of them is a time of rejoicing!… Continue reading All done!

What do you love?

Love-hate, black-white, up-down, north-south, right-left, dark-light: these describe the reality of opposites.  Many bedrock decisions come down to two choices -- you can't do both at the same time. The beginning of time was characterized by God dividing the darkness from the light.  God spoke of loving Jacob and hating Esau.  The three Hebrew children were told to… Continue reading What do you love?