What do you see when you zoom out?

Wouldn't it be really great to have the viewpoint on things we get by using Google Earth (for the uninitiated, that's the free app for your phone or computer that zeros in on any address your give it to look up, or on your current location, showing the "satellite's eye view"). I love the experience… Continue reading What do you see when you zoom out?

Worship that moves God

I suppose the best-known trademark of who we are as Pentecostals is the way we worship God openly and vocally and actively. It's the most immediate indication that something unique is going on with these congregations, but what is the reason for it? Are these folks who just have fewer inhibitions, like the guy at… Continue reading Worship that moves God

Where’d I get that idea…?

Can we always trust what we see? How about what we hear? I remember the old adage: never trust what you hear, and only half of what you read (these days, I think it's down to less than half!).  How are our perceptions influenced? By our experiences? By long-held traditions? By our admiration for prominent… Continue reading Where’d I get that idea…?

Are we there yet?

There's just nothing like those endless desert landscapes, intolerably vast stretches of frozen tundra, and unbroken strings of mile-high mountain ranges (all lying, of course, within five miles of home) that cause children worldwide to cry out in desperation, half-way accross town to Grandma's house,  "Are we THERE, YET?!!!" Didn't change a thing or make the journey… Continue reading Are we there yet?