Start to Finish – Here we go

 Well, by the help of the Lord, I did it. I hit "Send". What sailed off just then was a book -- the culmination of three years' work and thirty years' preparation -- and all the things the publisher requests with manuscripts submitted for publication. Now it's in the hands of some dedicated editors who'll… Continue reading Start to Finish – Here we go

The Flood: Our story

"It may actually get into our house this time." "Our house"  is a place I have visited since childhood,  home of a beloved cousin just far enough ahead in age to marry while I was a young girl, and to have never failed to provide adventures when we've gotten together. Memories flowed in, from the small… Continue reading The Flood: Our story

A Fresh Look at the Teachings of Jesus and How They Were Obeyed – Apostolic Bible Study

What did Jesus have to say about salvation? What did His followers do in response to what they heard? What does that mean for us today? Please enjoy this Bible study in the way that works best for you: reading and studying the written format below or by clicking on the video links in each… Continue reading A Fresh Look at the Teachings of Jesus and How They Were Obeyed – Apostolic Bible Study


You’ll notice many of my posts giving credit to a sermon and the man of God who preached it as the source of inspiration. Usually the post is a mixture of what was preached and how it’s affecting my life, with maybe other scriptures that come to mind as I turn that over in my… Continue reading Humbled

Are you out of control?

I haven’t been actively blogging for some time now, but I realize it’s the best way to share thoughts that have a little more “meat” to them. Facebook is a bit awkward for sharing ideas of any substance. You know, once you’ve scrolled past something you really, really wanted to read, it’s maddening trying to… Continue reading Are you out of control?

We underestimated our enemy

9/11 is our modern "day that will live in infamy".  Like the first day to be so designated, it probably didn't have to happen.  in-depth research by the 9/11 Commission revealed gaps in communication among agencies, lack of immigration enforcement, and failure to heed warnings that certain individuals posed a threat, among many other factors. In our… Continue reading We underestimated our enemy


THE MAGI AND THE GIFT The journey… We traveled far -- led by a Star -- from a land hungry for light, To find the infant Hebrew King, whose glory rose so bright. Gifts we’d chosen just for him – treasures of our land. How could we think to see his face with only empty… Continue reading THE MAGI AND THE GIFT


Ever felt stuck? Just not going anywhere? Nothing seemed to work to get loose and get you going again? Would you believe the Bible talks about being stuck? 1 Samuel 26:7 KJV [7] So David and Abishai came to the people by night: and, behold, Saul lay sleeping within the trench, and his spear stuck… Continue reading Stuck

Horror Story

This time of year many people become fascinated with the concept of horror. Movie-goers inundate themselves with flicks depicting things they hope never happen, but enjoy imagining are real for the moment. Nice families decorate their yards with images they should pray never meet up with them in real life. So what about horror? Is… Continue reading Horror Story

When did the Gospel change?

Is the church today supposed to be like the church in the Book of Acts? If not, when did it change? Some things very obviously changed from the Old Testament to the New: 1) sacrifice for sin was completed by Jesus' work on Calvary (Hebrews 10:1-18) 2) eating foods prohibited under the Law of Moses… Continue reading When did the Gospel change?