Start to Finish


Start to Finish: Starting a Walk with God That Can Finish Strong is now available on or by contacting me at Discounts are available to bookstores and for churches requesting multiple copies.

Start to Finish walks the reader through the basics of beginning to live for God in such a way that years down the road the journey still brings joy and strength. All aspects of living for God are covered, including how the Apostolic Pentecostal faith is unique, my testimony of how I came to this faith from the background in which I was raised, and chapters dealing with: prayer, plugging in to a truth-teaching church, God’s plan for leading us safely home through the work of the ministry–the pastor in particular–the value of God’s Word in our lives, the beauty of worship, dealing with the ups and downs that will inevitably come, and sharing our testimony with others. Discussion questions help digest and personalize each chapter.

My heart is for encouraging young women who have recently come into the faith, as well as those who were raised in it and are now beginning to find their place in serving God, but Start to Finish is written in such a way that whether used with women or men (young or older) it should prove very useful as a study guide where a review of solid Biblical principles for a sustained walk with God is the goal.

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