Awesome — and getting better!

That's how I'd have to describe the past 26 years (OK, I'll go ahead and admit it - that's the last half!) of my life. Twenty-six years ago today, I made a decision that changed everything about what living for God meant to me.  In spite of being happy with my church at the time, not mad with… Continue reading Awesome — and getting better!

So if I feel good about where I am with God, I’m OK…right?

If our emotions are God-given, and God works through them to allow us to feel both joy and sorrow, are they reliable indicators of how we stand with him? Does the Bible teach us to trust everything we feel to signal that we're in right standing with God? We are emotional creatures, and feeling Godly conviction… Continue reading So if I feel good about where I am with God, I’m OK…right?

How can I know I’m ready to meet God?

God intended for you to know, though it's not so "one size fits all" simple, as some would have you believe. In last week's blog, I went into detail about scriptures that are not compatible with the doctrine known as "eternal security" or "once saved always saved" (Are you "eternally secure"?). As I said then,… Continue reading How can I know I’m ready to meet God?