Susan Jenkins

Susan Jenkins writes from rural Mississippi, living back on the very soil where she had grown up enjoying her walks in the woods and savoring God’s glorious Creation. Many twists and turns in life filled the years she was away: paths that brought her heart into a faith she’d never imagined, before bringing her back to her childhood roots.

After a career in the human services field, early retirement opened the door for Susan to help establish the Christian school ministry of First Pentecostal Church in Bay Springs, where she currently works as administrator, and to pursue her growing passion to turn life experiences into preserved observations through the written word. She works from the premise that writing what others see and feel — but are often unable to voice — serves a purpose in the lives of those who read.

Susan loves watching her mom enjoy this country life in her golden years, lending a hand in her daughter’s new business,  making music that uplifts and encourages, and watching children grasp new ideas from God’s Word and His world.
02_thumbnail_67x100Start to Finish: Starting a Walk with God That Can Finish Strong                        If you had the opportunity to share a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea with someone whose heart longs to invest in your walk with God, what questions might you hope to have answered? “How did you get your start in living for God?” “What pitfalls almost made you falter along the way?” “What advice would you give to one starting on the same journey?” Start to Finish shares one woman’s insights gleaned through thirty years of walking by faith. (You just provide the coffee or tea.)

Works in progress include:

Up Is Just Backwards When You’re on the Way Down: Thirty Doses of Wit & Wisdom Did you know that up is just backwards when you’re on the way down? That there are two things you really can’t do at the same time? A dash of wit in the wisdom of watching life unfold is pending in Up Is Just Backwards, a collection of thirty of my favorite stories and posts.

Once I Heard the Sweet Song: A Child’s Faith Colored by the Cultural Divide                 For a little girl in 1960’s Mississippi, the faith to love all the little children won’t come from where she’s been told to find it.  

Once I Had to Wander: A Young Girl’s Walk Through Places She Never Wanted to Be  When a young life is transplanted from the soil that made it grow, a good girl learns the roots that kept her strong aren’t so easy to replant in a place she can’t call home. 

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