A Fresh Look at the Teachings of Jesus and How They Were Obeyed – Apostolic Bible Study

What did Jesus have to say about salvation? What did His followers do in response to what they heard? What does that mean for us today? Please enjoy this Bible study in the way that works best for you: reading and studying the written format below or by clicking on the video links in each… Continue reading A Fresh Look at the Teachings of Jesus and How They Were Obeyed – Apostolic Bible Study


This isn't a post about being without earthly possessions, though it wouldn't be a bad thing to call attention to -- there are certainly people in that situation. Instead it's a reference to a message Bro. Aaron Dutton preached recently, and its after-affects in my heart. I'll try not to ruin the message for any… Continue reading WHEN A COAT IS ALL YOU HAVE

Maybe I should have…

Maybe I should have packed faster. Then I could have pleaded with Joseph to leave sooner. We should have had a room… Maybe I should have asked those kings why myrrh was brought to my baby. People are buried, wrapped in myrrh. Maybe I should have sent that back home with them. It always made me… Continue reading Maybe I should have…


You’ll notice many of my posts giving credit to a sermon and the man of God who preached it as the source of inspiration. Usually the post is a mixture of what was preached and how it’s affecting my life, with maybe other scriptures that come to mind as I turn that over in my… Continue reading Humbled

Are you out of control?

I haven’t been actively blogging for some time now, but I realize it’s the best way to share thoughts that have a little more “meat” to them. Facebook is a bit awkward for sharing ideas of any substance. You know, once you’ve scrolled past something you really, really wanted to read, it’s maddening trying to… Continue reading Are you out of control?

We underestimated our enemy

9/11 is our modern "day that will live in infamy".  Like the first day to be so designated, it probably didn't have to happen.  in-depth research by the 9/11 Commission revealed gaps in communication among agencies, lack of immigration enforcement, and failure to heed warnings that certain individuals posed a threat, among many other factors. In our… Continue reading We underestimated our enemy

Heirs of the Dream

Last year, on this commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I wrote my thoughts on the State of the Dream, all those years later. I'd briefly like to revisit that idea. LIBERTY Our country in general enjoys a liberty that was purchased by the blood of others.  From the American Revolution to the Greatest… Continue reading Heirs of the Dream